Soulja Boy Reveals That He’s Expecting A Son

Soulja Boy‘ s son is on his way! The rapper and his girlfriend are expecting their first child. On saturday, soulja on her Instagram account shared the big news.

by posting a gender-revealing video. In the clip, Big Draco is seen throwing balloons before blue smoke appears, while the mother-to-be fires a ball filled with blue smoke and confetti. Soulja reacted to the exciting news by hugging and hugging his girlfriend during a backyard celebration that included friends and family. An inflatable doll dancing on this occasion was also ready.

Joining her Instagram Story, Soulja was overwhelmed by the feeling of being a father. “Thank God,” he wrote. “What a blessing. My dear boy, I will love you forever.”

The 31-year-old has previously spoken of wanting a son. “I have everything I want in life except for a son,” he said last year. “God bless me, I’ve been patient.”

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Soulja Boy

Soulja also posted a photo of his girlfriend

Soulja also posted a photo of his girlfriend With her hand in her pregnant belly during the gender revealing party.

According to TMZ, the mother is nicki minaj, brandy, Kim Kardashian and the famous hairdresser Jackie. It’s unclear how long she’s been in a relationship with Soulja and how far she’s progressed in her pregnancy.

Watch the big demonstration below.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy: “Kanye West Diss On The Album Tonight”

Soulja Boy is preparing to diss Kanye West after he deleted his verse on his suddenly released newest album, DONDA.

As some of those Soulja Boy and Kanye West fans might remember, Soulja had blasted Kanye he got left off of DONDA after the musician has deleted his verse on their track Remote Control. Following the moment, Soulja has been sending slamming words to show off his reaction to Kanye West.

Recently, two hours ago at press time, Soulja Boy took to his Twitter to reveal breaking news against his fight with Kanye West. He told publicly that he’s been working on a diss track that will be released in the remaining hours of the day.

On his Twitter, Soulja tweeted: “Kanye West diss on the album tonight.”

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