Soulja Boy Slams Kanye West: "F*ck That Nig*a"

Soulja Boy Slams Kanye West: “F*ck That Nig*a”

The American rapper Soulja Boy has blasted Kanye West after he got left off of Donda and sent a few words for the world-famous rapper, Kanye West.

Soulja Boy has added a new tweet to his official Twitter account to share some screenshots of text messages between him and Kanye West. In the screenshots, Kanye West was clearly asking Soulja Boy that if he wants to be in a new Gap campaign. Soulja can also be seen sending audio files to Kanye, perhaps for the song “Remote Control.”

Furthermore, Kanye West was saying about Soulja Boy that he is a “genius.” He was also adding that he loves him so much. After all, Soulja Boy was responding by saying, “that means a lot coming from you.”

Finally, when Kanye West‘s Donda has arrived, it was seen that “Remote Control” has released on the album without Soulja Boy. It has been featuring Young Thug verse.

Seeing that disrespectful behavior, Soulja Boy has once again taken to his official Twitter to talk about Kanye.

“Idk how to feel, Kanye sent me that song ‘remote control’ and I don’t hear my verse on it… hmm fuck that nigga,” Soulja Boy said in the tweet.

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