StraightDroppp to Turn Himself as Alleged Suspect in the Murder of Young Dolph

The Memphis rapper, known as Straight Drop, allegedly identified as Young Dolph murder suspect Justin Johnson, apparently posted on Instagram to share his surrender.

Instagram user @straightdroppp took to the app on Saturday to criticise the news coverage of his criminal past and announce he would turn himself in to authorities.
Turning myself around on Monday @201,” she wrote. “Im innocent. Ill be back sooner than you can blink. ”

Young Dolph

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Johnson, who was added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Most Wanted list, had a first-degree murder warrant issued against him by police and was already seeking an outstanding arrest warrant for allegedly violating his federal probation. TMZ previously reported that Johnson uploaded a music video to the home where the car that escaped Dolphs murder was found. And as XXL shared, the MC is seen in another music video wearing a PRE necklace attached to the wallet chain. Because it was stolen from Young Dolphs artist,Big Moochie Grape.

Losing Adolph, Dolph, Man-Man, changes our lives forever,” Dolphs family said. “And while we will take each day as it comes, we are comforted in knowing that he leaves a legacy that reflects his heart. A heart that was for his family. A heart that was for the people. ”

As we reported earlier

Police in Memphis are searching for a local rapper they believe is a suspect in Young Dolph s murder. Memphis Police have released a suspect in the shocking november 2021 killing of rap star Young Dolph.

On November 17two men pulled up in a white Mercedes-Benz to a local bakery called Makedas Homemade CookiesThe men jumped out of the vehicle and shot Young Dolph while shopping inside the bakery.

The gunmen were armed with a pistol and assault rifleDolph was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scenePolice are searching for a 23-year-old rapper named Justin Johnson.

Johnsonaka StraightDroppwas already wanted for first-degree murder. Johnson is also wanted for attempted first-degree murderThe police put him on the Most Wanted List.


Well share it as the news comes in.

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