Stream Jack Harlow ‘s Album ‘COME HOME THE KIDS MISS YOU’

Jack Harlow posted it at his house.

After much anticipation, the Louisville rapper released his sophomore album Come Home the Kids Miss You. Harlow is building a legendary cast, including Lil Wayne (“Poison”), Pharrell (“Movie Star”) and Justin Timberlake (“Parent Trap”), in the sequel to his 2020 debut, Thats What They All Say. Drake also joins Jack in his previously leaked long-awaited collaboration “Churchill Downs.”

In addition, the 15-piece set includes the recently ridiculed “Dua Lipa” and the chart-topping hit “First Class,” in which Anitta made a video debut.

“We put a lot of care into this album,” Jack told Hot 97. “I’ve never put so much of myself into something. These beats I’m rapping on are beats I’ve wanted to rap on my whole life. We have a formula and it’s really special.”

The album is shaping up for a huge debut with first-week sales projections between 160-180,000.

Stream Come Home the Kids Miss You below.

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Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow Opens Up About Friendship With Drake

Jack Harlow ‘s new album Come Home the Kids Miss You was released this week, featuring a long-awaited Drake collaboration.

Fresh out of his album release, the Louisville rapper stopped by “The Breakfast Club” where he described his friendship with Champagne Papi.

In 2019, he recalled meeting his “idol” for the first time at one of Drake’s parties in Atlanta. Drake came to him and complimented his music, surprised Jack.

“He was walking at the party and he saw me and he came up to me and I was quite wide-eyed at the time, I had no great record, but he touched me,” she said. “He was saying to me, “You’ve got a hard shit.” It meant the world to me.”

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