Surprise Decision From Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, who began her career in the Broadway musical in 2008, has expressed a break from music Dec.

Us singer Ariana Grande has announced she is taking a break from music after releasing her albums in 2018, 2019 and 2020 Dec. Grande, 28, said she turned her attention to the cosmetics brand.


Expressing that she also gave the green light to acting, Ariana Grande said, “Of course, I thought a lot about this subject because I never want to jump headlong on any train. I use my colleagues’ cosmetic brands, just like I listen to their music…”


“I’m a big fan of my peers who do both.”I think it’s just another way of telling stories,” She said. Because your need for makeup never ends, just as your need for music never ends…, “She said.


Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande,Instagram

World-famous singer Ariana Grande, 25, was at the wedding table with her business sweetheart Dalton Gomez, 25. Only 20 people accompanied the duo on their happy day. The couple, who married secretly, also shared their wedding photos with their followers a few days after the nuptials.

The famous singer’s frames made history with 25 million 658 thousand 112 likes, receiving the highest decency among the shares that people took part in. No celebrity star has ever received so much acclaim.


This photo shared by rapper XXXTentacion on May 20, 2018, has received a total of 24 million 645 thousand 804 likes so far. Only this square appears on the rapper’s Instagram page, which has 18.8 million followers.

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