T-Pain Disturbed by Momentary Success

T-Pain is not happy with the new state of the music industry. The famous rapper is one of the singers of the era before his streaming numbers affected the Billboard charts. Of course, it was harder then to be successful than it is now.

The singer, who made her first album in 2005, became one of the witnesses of the changes in the music market.

“The way that artists are starting to believe that momentary popularity is better than longevity is super disturbing and [I] really want y’all to think about the future and generational wealth,” he wrote. “It’s bigger than right now. You got a lot of lives in your hands and a generation to start.”

“You know when your shit sounds like somebody else’s shit,” he begins. “You’re making it because you’re in the studio like, ‘What’s the number one record now? We need to make another one of those.’ Stop doing that! Stop! You’re not original! Give me some original shit!

“Are you seriously telling me that you sat here watch me tell a bitch to eat a dick and you thought that wasn’t original? Are you seriously sitting here telling me ‘eat a dick’ is the bad part of music? Stop!! Just fucking do something else! God damn it! Do some different music!”

Sharing his thoughts on the current generation, T-Pain also offered advice for young singers. This isn’t the first piece of advice he’s made. He occasionally expresses his thoughts on this subject on social platforms.

T-Pain and Usher

However, T-Pain has faced some criticism in the past. In a clip from the Netflix series This Is Pop, T-Pain, who fell into a deep depression after Usher said that he ruined the music by applying Auto-Tune to his music, said that he saw Usher as a friend and respected him.

But he also stated that these words of his were the moment that started the 4-year depression he experienced.

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