The Big Boss Rabbit Targets Kendrick Lamar With Drake’s ‘Champagne Poetry’ Groundwork

Freddie Gibbs targeted Kendrick Lamar with his ‘Vice Lord Poetry‘ freestyle he shared on September 11. Gibbs, with his familiar sharp language, heated things up with freestyle, which he recorded in his own studio.

Diss features punches about Kendrick Lamar’s cousin Baby Keem‘s ‘Smoking on top fives’ verse from ‘Family Ties’ on his new album, Kendrick changing his stage name, and going to private school.

In response to the ‘Smoking on top fives’ verse, Big Boss Rabbit said, ‘they say they smoking top fives but you ain’t burned to one’ When Kendrick Lamar changed his previous stage name, Gibbs said ‘ ni**as change their name but your history ain’t detachable’ In response to Kendrick Lamar studying at ‘Centennial High School’, Freddie Gibbs said, ‘That private School sh*t was expensive you know what I mean’

On June 26 last year, Gibbs guested by Bootleg Kev and In That Interview, Gibbs Was Showed Kendrick To His Respect

Freddie Gibbs was a guest on Bootleg Kev’s YouTube Podcast on June 26, 2020.

In that interview, Gibbs, who took a contemptuous tone to Kev’s question of ‘are you afraid of anyone’ said ‘no n**ga scare me but I look at him and I’ll be like he’s sharp you know I mean, I want to be sharp like that’

Freddie Gibbs completed Kev’s words ‘You respect for Kendrick like talk about that because I feel like, I feel same way Kendrick obviously is one of the most commercially successful artist but he’s also like’ he said ‘One of the best technical rappers of all the time’

Kev takes an example after himself and Freddie Gibbs being a hard Basketball fan, asking Freddie to put together a team of the best rappers in the game right now.

After thinking for a while, Freddie Gibbs included names such as ‘Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Pusha T‘ in his current 5’s out of him.

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