The Car In Which Tupac Shakur Died Is Up For Auction

Tupac Shakur played a major role in the rise of rap music in the USA and inspired many rappers. His tragic death deeply hurt all rap lovers.

Tupac met with his friends at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas to watch Mike Tyson’s boxing match. After the Boxing match, Pac, who was on his way to Club 662 with his friends, got into the car driven by Suge Knight. The famous frame, the last photograph of Tupac, was taken inside the BMW 750iL.

The car, which was put up for auction at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas on the 25th anniversary of his death, was valued at $1.75M.

‘We Laughed All The Way While Trying To Find The Hospital’

Suge Knight gave an interview to TV screens after the gun attack on Tupac and himself. In the interview he gave, Suge Knight, describing his experiences after the attack, gave the following words;

I was hit in the head, Pac said you need a doctor too and you need to think about yourself first, when I told him I could go to the hospital Pac looked at me and said; You’re the one who needs a doctor, you got shot in the head. And we laughed all the way until we found the hospital. He added these sentences to his words, ‘He was conscious on the way to the hospital and after the surgery’

Suge Knight Was Blamed For The Death of Tupac

After the incident, people had question marks in their minds. People were puzzled by the fact that Suge Knight was not seriously injured while sitting next to him in the car where Tupac was killed.

These suspicions were heightened when Snoop Dogg said that Suge Knight killed Tupac in court and in his songs. Suge Knight was tried for violation of probation in 1996 and sentenced to 9 years in prison in 1997.

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