The Game Claims 50 Cent Paid Him $1 Million To Stop Saying ‘G-UNOT’

The beef that 50 Cent made with The Game cost him a lot of time.

Former G-Unit members have been fighting for years, and there seems to be no end to it. Now The Game is making a shocking new statement about nearly two decades of beef.

In an interview with the “All the Smoke” podcast, Game claimed that Jimmy Iovine, 50, and former Interscope CEO, paid him $1 million to stop using the “G-Unot” slogan.

“50 and Jimmy Iovine gave me a million dollars to stop calling G-Unot,” Game said. “They wrote me a check, they bought it. I had to trademark G-Unot. And you remember walking around with the rat and hurting all that mess, all that mess, killing G-Unit.”

The Game

Game says his attacks on G-Unit are bad for business. “You stopped seeing the tops of the sugarcane tank and all that filth,” he said. “All the G-Unit/Mark Ecko, the shoes, all that mess is dead. It was a hot commodity all of a sudden, G-Unit clothing. Like he wears sweat, headbands, masks, everything.”

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According to Game, the only way to stop it was to buy the trademark “G-Unot.” “So they had to pay me. I should have asked for more, but they gave me a million. But I’m a hood ni**a, a million dollars just to stop saying that word? Where is the check? They wrote the check and I stopped saying it.”

In March, Game claimed to have ended his 50s rap career. “@50cent The last time you did that with me, the G-Unit clothes were put in a coffin with the intelligence of the whole group and you got on TV,” he told the “Power” producer.

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