The Game Claims He Put 50 Cent And G-Unit ‘IN A CASKET’

50 Cent and The Game are back. Former G-Unit members together. Nearly two decades of feuds have been revived following recent comments by Game. During the “Drink Champs” interview, the Compton rapper claimed that Kanye West did more for him than Dr. Dre.

“It’s crazy that Ye has done more in the last two weeks than Dre has done for me in my career,” said Game, who collaborated with Ye on “Eazy.” The 50-year-old appeared surprised by Game’s Dre diss and received a backlash on social media. “Hun, what’s going on here?” he asked.

It didn’t take long for Game to applaud his opponent for spite to those who claimed the 50s ended his music career. “@50cent last time you did this with me, G-Unit clothes put the whole group in the coffin and you were on TV,” he wrote. He also threatened to come see her. I love Power n….. Leave him alone. !!!’I’m out of here.

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50 Cent Threatens To Leave Starz

There’s something wrong with the “Power” universe. 50 Cent is once again threatening to leave Starz, home of the successful “Power” series. In a series of messages shared on social media, 50 called out the cable network while announcing the end of its deal.

“This is me packing my stuff, STARZ 😵🍆Sucks, my deal is here, I’m out,” he wrote. He also told G-Unit Film & Television employees to pack their bags and prepare to leave.

“Anil now get your fuing bag in the car, we’re getting out of here, get the fuing sign on the door, there’s no G-unit movies and televisions here anymore,” he wrote to G-Unit’s Development Director, “Josh hurry up, let’s get all the prescriptions out!”

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