The Game Is Readying An Eminem Diss

The game says it’s Eminem‘s turn now. And he’s ready to take his animosity to the next level.

During a recent Clubhouse session, Wack 100 announced that it was preparing diss for slim shady Eminem on game’s upcoming single.

Wack 100

“We’re starting a fire, black thin shadow is coming,” he said. “It’s better to be ready, because it’s over.”

When asked if he was here for Eminem, Wack replied, “It sounds like One.”

Wack thinks em’s going to be a fun battle, citing his history of animosity with Machine Gun Kelly, Nick Cannon and his own mother.

“It’s a nia Em disrespectful nia,” Wack added. “He disrespected his own mother, damn it. He’s disrespecting himself. This n***a baby has a conversation about killing his mother, putting him in the trunk… There’s no limit to where he’s going with another.

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The Game

The Game Says 50 Cent Sits Down!

Wack praises both MC’s

(“There are two cunning ni*** Two irreverent rappins warning em against what’s going to happen. He said, “It’s better to be ready.” “There’s something about the game, he’s already got an answer. First, let the world rise up.”

Someone in the conversation suggested that Game’s feud with Eminem could cause 50 Cent to get involved, because for 50, Em means everything. But Wack wasn’t bothered.

“50 old people better sit their asses. He doesn’t want them to have problems with Game. And if he jumps 50 to Em’s song, they automatically lose.”

Game has previously expressed his thoughts on Eminem, claiming he’s a better MC than “Rap God.”
“I thought Eminem was better than me.””Not,” Drink Champs said during his interview.

He also challenged Em to the battle of Verzuz, but the N.O.R.E. warned him that he did not want smoke with Em.

“Yes, I do.”Is that what you mean?” “Are you trying to tell me I don’t want to fade with the white man?”

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