The Richest Rappers in the World and Their Net Worth in 2022

The rap world has proven itself within the entertainment industry. To be an endless gold mine, to absorb the stars and their characters from different fields and to be loved by the fans. The rap world has done it. We have compiled for you the names whose net worth and net earnings  stand out the most until 2022.

Every rapper has many things to think about while reflecting his own style while raising his own popularity. The most thought-out of these is their net wealth. Therefore, rappers who want to increase their fortunes always want to do better.


$200 Million Drake’s Salary
$70 Million Per Year

The world-class artist quit his career as an actor to pursue his dreams of becoming a rapper. A few mixtapes later, he signed with Young Money Entertainment, Lil Wayne’s record label. After joining the Young Money team in 2009, his career began to take off.

Top songs (186) Billboard Hot 100, most simultaneously Hot 100 songs in a week (27); A few of Aubrey Drake Graham’s groundbreaking recordings. It attracts prestigious awards, and Drake is very good at doing it. There are three Grammy Awards, three Juno Awards, six American Music Awards, and thirteen Billboard Music Awards to screen.

With over 10 million albums and over 86 million sold, Drake’s albums have placed the artist among the best-selling music artists of the 21st century and have secured a permanent place in the nearest future. Besides his music career, Drake also has a great business acumen. He joined forces with collaborator Noah James Shebib “40” to start the OVO Sound record label, and has also managed to run a clothing line and radio show on Beats 1. He continued to break records with his latest album, Certified Lover Boy.

Snoop Dogg

Net Worth: $150 Million

He has sold more than 23 million albums in the US, in addition to the 35 million sold worldwide. Despite many frictions with the law, Snoop has continued to be on the list of the 10 richest rappers in the world throughout his career from scratch. His contributions to the WWE franchise earned him a spot on the famous wing of the WWE Hall of Fame, the much-loved rapper never losing his spot. While he remains one of the most influential entertainers of all time, he still continues to collaborate.

Lil Wayne

Net Worth: $170 Million

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He came close to stepping onto the stage in the early 1990s when he was just nine years old. He later became the youngest member of Cash Money Records and started building his career. Today, Lil Wayne is one of the world’s best-selling artists, as well as a patron. Young Money Entertainment is one of his high points in this business. He has managed to get many famous rappers to his own company. To date, he has more than 100 million records sold worldwide, among other achievements.


Net Worth: $230 Million

Eminem is one of the best selling rappers in America. A complete legend. With 220 million records sold worldwide, he will be remembered as one of the most influential and best artists of all time. The rap superstar, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is often referred to as the “King of Hip Hop” and is the only artist among rappers with nine consecutive albums topping Billboard 200 records. American rapper, songwriter, record producer, record executive, and actor. Calling him the most successful white rapper in the rap world is no exaggeration.

Master P

Net Worth: $200 Million

One of the long-standing players in the rap genre, Master P, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, is known as the name who founded No Limit Forever Records, which has been changed to other names in the past. American musician, actor, businessman, record producer, and philanthropist also founded P. Miller Enterprises and Better Black Television. In addition to his musical explorations, Master P also played in the NBA as a professional basketball player. A versatile and successful rapper, Master P is one of the richest rappers. With a net worth of $250 million, the rapper will remain among the richest even in 2022.

Dr.  Dre

Net Worth: $500 Million

Dr. Dre is one of the fathers of rap who helped build the careers of most of the popular rappers we know today, helped them and paved the way. It is also true that it is one of the most important rap and hip-hop games of all time. We can safely say that Dr. Dre, who has a lot of business investments, is a hip-hop guru as well as millions of records sold. It continues to take advantage of Apple’s $3 billion Beats in 2014. Finally, he collaborated with Rockstar Games.

P. Diddy

Net Worth: $900 Million

We’ve seen him change his name from Puff Daddy to P Diddy, Puffy, Diddy, Brother Love and even B Love since his debut in the industry. American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and entrepreneur. He has always worked hard and has been at the top three years in a row. He has a label called Bad Boy Entertainment and has been recognized with many prestigious awards, including three Grammys. The rap world would feel so incomplete if it wasn’t for him. His net earnings continue to top out in 2022.


Net Worth: ($900 million)

Jay-Z has come a long way in his career over three decades. The American rapper, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and boss of Roc Nation Entertainment has amassed a fortune of $900 million to take the top spot on the world’s top 10 rappers list.
He succeeded by making the best use of his business acumen, which goes beyond music. In addition to record label Roc Nation, Jay-Z founded the 40/40 Club.

In addition to 21 Grammy Awards and almost 75 million albums sold, it undoubtedly deserves the top spot. While his personal net worth has yet to reach the billion milestone, his also famous wife – pop queen Beyonce also has a combined net worth of more than $1 billion.

In particular, Jay-Z, Diddy, and Dre are not only the three richest hip-hop genres, but also the wealthiest American musicians of all genres.

Kanye West

Net Worth: $6.6 Billion

Kanye West is an American producer, rapper, fashion designer and entrepreneur. Kanye rose to real fame with the release of his 2004 album, The College Dropout. Today he stands out as one of the most successful and award-winning musicians on the planet, receiving 21 Grammy awards out of 69 nominations. In recent years, he has not only been dealing with music. He also turned to the business world. The Yeezy/Adidas partnership has made West a fortune. He has earned most of his earnings in recent years from this partnership.

He also drew a successful chart with his album Donda, which he released last year.
Kanye also owns 100% of his own Yeezy clothing line, and according to various private bank estimates, Yeezy is a $4 – $5 billion brand. In March 2021, a UBS valuation stated in its estimation reports that Yeezy added $3-4 billion to Kanye’s net worth. The same report also estimated that Kanye’s deal with The Gap added another $1 billion to West’s net worth.

About Net Worth

The biggest thing all these rap stars have in common is their hard work and constant production. The names who managed to use their intelligence not only in their lyrics, but also in all business areas, succeeded in acquiring these fortunes.

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