The Weeknd Is Threatening Not To Go To Coachella Because He Doesn’t Get The Same Money As Kanye West

The Weeknd seems to have earned a big paycheck after Kanye West pulled out of Coachella.

A new report from TMZ claims the DONDA rapper was paid $8 million for a headline concert at the festival before being pulled out at the last minute.

On Wednesday, Coachella officially announced The Weeknd as its replacement. The “Out of Time” singer will headline the Swedish Home Mafia on both Sundays of the two-weekend festival.

However, the booking almost did not take place. According to Page Six, Coachella organizers didn’t want to pay Weeknd the same $8 million as Ye, as well as $500,000 in production costs.

As a result, He allegedly threatened not to perform because the same amount was not given.

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd Is Pretty Nervous

“He came quickly to take Kanye’s top spot. But Phil Anschutz [owner of the Coachella Festival via AEG Live] wanted to keep Kanye’s money and pay The Weeknd a lot less, just a few million. The festival would pocket the rest,” says a source.

“Even after Coachella announced the new lineup Wednesday, there was no deal for The Weeknd, who threatened to pull out an hour in advance if he didn’t get the same deal as Kanye.”

After “fraught negotiations,” the festival gave in to his demands and agreed to match the money. “Finally, on Wednesday — faced with the prospect of a second headline act pulling out of Coachella at the last minute — Anschutz’s company caved and agreed to pay The Weeknd the same money.”

In our previous report, The Weeknd was actually very happy.

But he’s angry because he didn’t get the same money kanye west was given, and he’s allegedly threatening not to perform.

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