There Is News About Nicki Minaj ‘s Father’s Car Accident

There are developments regarding the driver who killed Nicki Minaj ‘s father and left the crime scene.

According to Nassau County District Attorney spokesman Brendan Brosh, Charles Polevich confessed to leaving the scene after the February 2021 crash in which Robert Maraj was fatally injured. He added to his confessions that he was tampering with the evidence.

Polevich will appear in court on August 3 for the official sentence.

The Nassau County District Attorney suggested a prison sentence of between one or three years. “Given the severity of the defendant’s conduct, we disagree with the sentencing commitment from the court,” Brosh said in a statement to CNN.

As you know, Nicki’s father, Maraj, died after he was hospitalized after the accident.

Nassau Police Homicide Detective Lieutenant Stephen Fitzpatrick had spoken to CNN earlier. He stated that after the incident, Polevich changed the white Volvo station wagon to hide it from the police.

“He’s absolutely aware of what happened,” Fitzpatrick said. “He got out of the car and he looked at the deceased, got into his car and made the conscious decision to leave. Instead of dialing 911, instead of calling an ambulance for the man, he went and went home and secreted his vehicle. ”

Nicki Minaj’s mother, Carol Maraj, filed a $150 million civil lawsuit against Polevich 1 month after the accident. Minaj had posted a letter on her website.

“Tho I can’t really bring myself to discuss the passing of my father as yet; I can say it has been the most devastating loss of my life. I find myself wanting to call him all the time. More so now that he’s gone . Life is funny that way. May his soul rest in paradise. He was very loved & will be very missed,” she said at the time.

Nicki Minaj Talks About The Disadvantages Of Having Big Boobs

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram to open a conversation about how a wide chest can be deceiving.

The rap queen was in a private jet when she opened up on Instagram Live to show off her much-loved slim waist. Nicki talked about how having big breasts can be tricky in some ways. She said that if you have big breasts, it might make people think you’re out of shape.

Nicki, as we all know, told her 24.9 million followers in April that she leads a clean and sober lifestyle. She added that her mood had also improved significantly.

“I used to b happy when I was high,” Nicki wrote. “Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgment to anyone. Be gentle with yourself.”

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