Timbaland Compares Dawn FM to Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Timbaland compared The Weeknd‘s recently released album “Dawn Fm” with Michael Jackson’s 1982 masterpiece album “Thriller”.

The Weeknd is a singer who has managed to stay on the agenda with many of the projects he has done and has accomplished some really successful works. Although he is a musician who is at the top of every job he does and is talked about, he started to talk again with his latest album.

Timbaland went live on Instagram and talked about “Dawn FM”.

“This album different y’all. This shit right here on some Thriller shit. Trust me when I tell you and the way he dropped this shit — yo! Congrats. This shit is amazing.” He added in bold text, “This album is beyond great. We need a vinyl to this.”

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“Hold up, Thriller can’t be compared…like illmatic it’s just a classic body of work” and “Definitely not even close…not in the same realm. Highly disappointed. I get where they were trying to go with the 80’s/futuristic sound, but the album just drags on and gets boring. Sorry.

“Just because it’s a “concept album” doesn’t mean you should start comparing it to Thriller. That’s a MASSIVE reach. I think everything is so mediocre right now when people hear something that’s ‘ok’ they over exaggerate its greatness.”

And that was only the beginning. Fans quickly headed to Twitter where they expressed their displeasure as well. “I fucks with Timbaland but this type cappin is nuts and disrespectful to Michael jackson thriller Face with tears of joy,” one person wrote. “Man facepalming timbo wyling.”

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Timbaland Reacts With Thriller Comparison

If you’ve listened to Dawn FM, it’s possible to feel a retro vibe and 80’s vibes in it. However, to be compared to the iconic Thriller album may not be very welcome. Thriller set a record 37 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Top LPs & Tapes chart. It produced seven Top 10 singles.

“Thriller” also became the best-selling album of all time, with over 70 million copies sold worldwide.

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