Travis Scott and The Weeknd Might Be Working on a New Collab

Amir Esmailian, also known as Cash, co-founder of XO Records and co-manager of The Weeknd, recently took to Instagram to share a moment with Travis Scott.

According to the Instagram post, Scott made a visit to Toronto, The Weeknd’s hometown. Though it is unknown what was discussed in the meeting or when it occurred, Cash made sure to showcase the meeting, sending fans in a frenzy. Cash posts the caption, “My brother always pullin up !” alongside photos of the pair. Scott later commented on the photo with one word, “Dawnski.”

The comment section immediately sparked rumors of a potential Scott and The Weeknd collaboration in the works. Many expressed their nostalgia for their 2015 project, “Wonderful” which saw the beginning of the artists’ partnership and are holding out for a potential joint project. Though it is uncertain if there is a musical collaboration in the works or if The Weeknd and Scott are teaming up for other creative projects, the reactions from Instagram post proves that fans are eager to know more.

Check out Cash’s Instagram post below.

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