Travis Scott Could Return To The Stage Next Year Following Astroworld Saga

After the 2021 Astroworld crash, Travis Scott ‘s return to the scene seemed uncertain until yesterday. There is speculation that he will be returning to the stage at next year’s Rolling Loud Miami Festival.

On Monday, December 27, Rolling Loud announced on Twitter that pre-sale tickets for the Miami event, which will take place between July 22 and July 24, will be available. One of the tweeters announcing the show seemed to know this beforehand.

“This early bird pre-sale is for process-reliant outrages,” Travis Scott said on his return to the scene. He later tweeted, “Every squad we fall for is a hit, so just know…”

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As Travis Scott affectionately addressed his fans with the title “rages”, naturally a lot of people started to think that La Flame would be in the lineup at the concert when it finally showed up next month.

A person on Reddit;
[Rolling Loud] tweeted  when Kanye preformed the lauded god and then liked a bunch of quote tweets about Trav, so it’s 100% possible.”

Also added;

“Also, companies probably pay a ton of insurance because they’re biased for hip hop gigs. So I can see it’s there.”

“We need Travis again,” another person added Twitter.

“This may indicate that Travis will be in Portugal. I am very nervous,” someone else posted on Twitter, referencing the 2022 Rolling Loud Portugal Festival, which is slated to take place a few weeks after the Miami festival.

Travis Scott Starts Handing Out Gifts For Christmas

Facing hundreds of lawsuits after the deadly showdown, Travis Scott recently made a public appearance for the remake for the first time since the disaster festival. On the upcoming Christmas day, the rapper and The Cactus Jack Foundation distributed more than 2,000 toys to children at their housing project in Houston. We have published this news on our website, you can click here to read it in detail.

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