Travis Scott Fights to Have All Astroworld Lawsuits Revoked

After Travis Scott hires one of the most powerful lawyers in the legal world, Daniel Petrocelli, he wants to demand that all Astroworld Festival lawsuits be dismissed.

It’s a known fact that some court records are filed. Travis Scott and his lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, took a difficult step by controlling all legal processes, including the rejection of a claim filed by Jessie Garcia, and demanding the annulment of all cases.

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In the Jessie Garcia case, Travis Scott has a point to point out. According to; he thinks the case should be dismissed with prejudice because the case belongs only to him, Jack Enterprises and Cactus Jack.

It seeks to issue a general denial of all lawsuits and claims brought against it, and to provide a comprehensive response to all such claims through legal action. We will see together whether he will be able to issue a general refusal decision for all these lawsuits and claims against him.

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According to Travis Scott’s legal proceedings, he does not appear to have claimed responsibility for any injuries or deaths that occurred at the Astroworld Festival. He also asks the judge to dismiss all charges against him and his affiliated parties.

As you know, there was a great lack of security and precautions within the scope of the festival. Poorly trained security, incompetence, lack of coordination and the delay in stopping the demonstration after the dangers caused the deaths and injuries of people.

Travis Scott Tried To Do Something For Sad Families

After this great tragedy, Travis Scott made two different explanations. He also reimbursed all Astroworld attendees and offered to pay for the funerals of those who died at the festival. But many victims’ families denied this.

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