Travis Scott Finally Returns To Us

Travis Scott is re-joining us. He announced his new venture.

In the wake of the Astroworld tragedy, the Houston rapper announced Project HEAL, a long-term series of community-oriented philanthropy and investment efforts that he said would be “a catalyst for real change.”

The four-pronged project includes a $1 million committed scholarship for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, mental health programs, a creative design training program and a new technology-driven solution to address safety issues for large-scale live events.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Returns With a Charity This Time

However, it was not well received by the family of Astroworld’s youngest victim, 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who died from injuries suffered in the Nov. 5 crowd control disaster.

Blount’s grandparents have criticized Project HEAL as a publicity stunt that they believe violates the gag order placed on the hundreds of lawsuits filed in the wake of the deadly tragedy.

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“It’s a PR stunt. He’s pretty much trying to sway the jurors before they’re even assembled,” Tericia Blount told Rolling Stone. “He’s trying to make himself look good, but it doesn’t look that way to someone with our eyes. What we’re seeing is that he’s done wrong, and now he’s trying to be the good guy and trying to give his own verdict on safety.”

The Blount family has filed an emergency motion, arguing that Project HEAL was “designed to gain goodwill” and prevents Blount and the other plaintiffs’ ability to obtain a fair trial.

“Blount and the other plaintiffs herein do not have the high profile ability to sway public opinion as defendant Scott — an international music star — and his sophisticated media team do,” writes Robert Hilliard, the lead lawyer for Ezra’s father, Treston Blount.

“It also runs afoul of the First Amendment, which guarantees parties like Mr. Scott the right to speak publicly about important philanthropic work that began long before the Astroworld Festival or… almost immediately afterward,” the lawyers write in the new filing, obtained by Rolling Stone.

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