Travis Scott Releases Two New Songs ‘Escape Plan’ and ‘Mafia’

Travis Scott has released two new songs, “Escape Plan” and “Mafia”. The tracks became the rapper’s first new solo songs in 2021. Travis Scott, who excited his fans before his social media accounts and gave the signals of this last statement, finally made that expected share.

The tracks arrive the night before the third episode of Astroworld Fest kicks off. Scott will take the stage with the participation of Tame Impala, Bad Bunny, SZA, 21 Savage, Baby Keem, Earth, Wind & Fire and many more at the event, which took place at Minute Maid Park in Houston on November 5-6. The posts made before this eagerly awaited performance also keep the excitement up to date.

Scott shared a tabloid-style cover art on Thursday. The name of the magazine on Scott’s cover, Weekly World Truths, appears to be a reference to the now-defunct weekly Weekly World News, which featured cover stories that mimicked fictional “news” about supernatural events.

Scott’s Astroworld Festival kicks off in Houston, and the rapper is gearing up for the release of his mysterious new A24 project, Utopia, and his mysterious new mixtape, Dystopia. This morning, Scott released two new tracks, “Escape Plan” and “Mafia”. The cover art of the two singles where Scott is Bat Boy looks amazing.

The artwork appears to feature a “batboy” version of Scott inspired by Weekly World News, and sensational headlines include “Who knows what lies beneath the surface?,” “The True Dystopia Is Here!” and “When the End Arrives Its Really the Beginning.”

The Astroworld Festival will take place November 5-6, and Scott is expected to be streamed live exclusively on Apple Music. Fans can watch it on November 5 at 7 PM. PT / 10 p.m. ET.

You will be able to listen to Travis Scott’s “ESCAPE PLAN / MAFIA” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Last year, Travis Scott kept his busy schedule while appearing on other people’s records multiple times. But he hasn’t released his own single for a little over a year. Scott’s last eligible single, Young Thug/M.I.A. collab “Franchise” debuted at #1.

Astroworld and Travis Scott

Travis Scott keeps the excitement of Astroworld alive by keeping the attention of his fans up to date and sharing humorous posts. Thus, the preparations for a show that will not be forgotten by anyone can continue at full speed.

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