Travis Scott Removed from Coachella Roster

Travis Scott was finally removed from the Coachella Music and Arts Festival’s schedule. The famous rapper is facing a new challenge every day after the tragic Astroworld Festival.

The Astroworld Festival, where hundreds of people were injured, traumatized and 10 died, was a nightmare for Travis Scott. There are cases where signatures are collected against him, lawsuits are filed, his products are banned, and his concerts are cancelled. While brands have canceled their collaborations in order not to harm their own image, the tour organizers have abandoned Travis Scott for now as a result of great pressure from the public.

Travis Scott
Coachella 2022

According to the news of Variety, after the tragic events that took place at the Astroworld Festival in November, the famous rapper was requested to be removed from the Coachella staff by making a petition. The campaign collected approximately 60,000 signatures.

The statement made by the Coachella organizers came right after the petition on the site.

Travis Scott Says He Wasn’t Aware Of What Happened At The Astroworld Festival During The Concert

Astroworld Festival in Houston went down in history as a black mark on Friday, November 5th. In the stampede while Travis Scott was performing, 10 children and teenagers aged between 9 and 27 died and hundreds were injured. Travis Scott continued the concert for 40 more minutes while the stampede continued and drew a great reaction.

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Travis Scott
Travis Scott Performance on Astroworld 2021

The famous rapper, who was unaware of what had happened and wanted the lawsuits filed against him to be cancelled, also offered to cover the funeral expenses of the victims’ families.

In an interview with Charlamagne The God, the rapper’s representatives, who said that he was not told that he had died and that he continued his music, told Coachella organizers that he could go to the concert without paying for Travis Scott to be included in the festival staff.


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