Travis Scott Breaks Silence On Astroworld Festival Deaths

Travis Scott ‘s Comeback Postponed Due to Festival Cancellation

Travis Scott ‘s big comeback isn’t going to happen anytime soon, unfortunately. Day N Vegas Festival 2022, scheduled to take place at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds from September 2-4, has been cancelled.

According to the news of News3lv, the organization chiefs of the festival could not bring the concert together. On the other hand, the announcement was made on Friday. July 1st. The reason was stated as “a combination of logistics, timing and production issues”.

Now the refund process of the tickets will begin. Those who buy their tickets will be able to get their money back in two to four weeks.

Travis Scott would make headlines with this comeback. However, after the festival’s cancellation, Travis, who experienced the Astroworld tragedy, will have to wait a little longer.

Travis Scott Can’t Get Rid of Lawsuits

“Despite the fact that Travis Scott was aware of and could clearly see concertgoers being injured, suffocating, losing consciousness, fighting, and being trampled. He continued his performance while authorities were forced to attempt to render aid to these injured concertgoers,” added Love’s lawyers.

A rep for Scott has called the new accusations a “blatant, cynical attempt to attack Travis” over a “3-year-old incident that is deliberately misrepresented.” They say the stampede at Rolling Loud was caused by a “false report of a shooting mid-show” that was “completely unrelated to Travis’s performance.”

“This cheap opportunism is based on a blatant lie that’s easy to detect,” said Travis’ rep. “And it is particularly telling that this plaintiff’s lawyer didn’t even assert a claim against Travis. when he originally filed the complaint on behalf of his client more than two years ago or in four prior versions of that complaint.”

Travis Scott ‘s Representatives Criticizes New Astroworld Tragedy Documentary

One of Travis Scott ‘s representatives criticized a new documentary made for the Astroworld tragedy.

Director Charles Minn explores the details of the tragedy in the documentary Concert Crush: The Travis Scott Festival Tragedy. However, Travis’ rep described the documentary as “a game for profit and a publicity stunt.”

“This propaganda piece is a farce financed by and containing content from members of the plaintiff’s legal teams, who, weeks after a tragedy, sought to exploit and benefit financially from it,” the rep said in a statement.

The representative harshly criticized director Minn, accusing him of being a “trauma pornographer”.

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