Travis Scott Signs with BetterHelp After What Happened at Astroworld

Travis Scott has decided to partner with the online therapy service BetterHelp to support the mental health of Astroworld participants. However, this move has always received a negative reaction from the fans and the general audience.

On Friday, November 5, eight people died at the music event in Houston, Texas, the youngest of whom was just 14 years old. While this very sad situation was echoed all over the world, the fact that they walked through the middle of these events with Kylie Jenner increased the reactions even more. After the crowd swelled, hundreds of concertgoers were injured, including a nine-year-old boy currently under medical care and struggling to survive in a coma.


Travis Scott and the BetterHelp Agreement

Since the incident, Travis has promised to work with the victims’ families. Travis said in a statement that he would cover the funeral expenses of the deceased. He also pledged, through a partnership with BetterHelp, to help those who witnessed this deadly stampede at the concert receive mental health support. As part of their emotional effort, BetterHelp, along with Travis, will offer free one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist for those who sign up using their private link.”

“BetterHelp will also refer those in urgent need to NAMI, which has a dedicated national hotline available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM ET. To this hotline at 1-844-CJ NAMI 1 (844-256-2641) NAMI’s Greater Houston division will direct incoming callers to the BetterHelp portal established through this partnership and provide access to a range of counseling services, psychoeducation, community-based healing circles, support groups, and other related services.”

The statement ended with: “Travis is grateful to be working alongside BetterHelp, a renowned mental health service provider and to be able to quickly provide this fundamental care and support. Further relief efforts to be announced in the coming days and weeks.”

However, people call collaboration problematic. For some, the fact that the therapy offered is only free for the first month makes the sincerity of the event questionable. People also found it a little strange that the therapy was part of the branding deal. While the terms of the deal have not been made public, it seems possible that Travis, like other celebrities who have partnered with BetterHelp in the past, will be paid for each referral, which could mean Astroworld victims will benefit from their traumatic death.

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