Travis Scott Starts Handing Out Gifts For Christmas

The event organized by the famous rapper Travis Scott, distributes toys to more than 2,000 children for Christmas in Houston Texas. The 30-year-old rapper distributes gifts to more than 2,000 children in Houston. Donated gifts are delivered to six Houston Housing offices across the city before Christmas Day. Includes dolls, golf sets, and toy pianos, and more in photos taken from one of the distribution centers.

This event by Travis Scott comes after the tragic Astroworld Festival on November 5. During the concert, 10 people the youngest of whom was 9 years old were crushed to death due to the stampede of 50,000 people. 300 people aged between 14 and 27 were injured in the festival area, hospitalized and treated. A total of 25 people were hospitalized.

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Travis Scott

The events that took place at the festival were disclosed to the media as they are currently being investigated by the House Oversight and Reform Committee. A letter was sent by the congressional committee to Michael Rapino, president and CEO of live Nation with information about the company’s role.

Travis Scott claimed that he was 100% sure that he was doing his best by breaking his silence after these events and that he did not hear the cries for help while the events were taking place.

Travis and The Cactus Jack Foundation are collaborating in the H-Town area to bring more than 2,000 children the joy of Christmas, TMZ reported on Thursday, December 23. This marks one of Travis’ several public appearances since the tragic festival.

Telling Charlamagne Tha God he was not aware of the severity of the situation.

“It’s so crazy ’cause I’m that artist, too,” Travis told Charlamagne during the sit-down.

“Anytime you can hear something like that, you wanna stop the show. You wanna make sure the fans get the proper attention they need. And anytime I could see something like that, I did. I stopped a couple times just to make sure everybody was OK.”

Travis went on to say;

“You have a venue filled with 50,000 people. But it’s like a sea, you have lights, you have sound, you got pyros, you got your in-ears, you got sound, you got your mics, got the music, [you] got bands. All types of stuff going on.”

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