Travis Scott’s Girlfriend Kylie Jenner Announces Her Second Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott‘s second baby is coming. The couple, who we know that they ended their relationship until last May, came together again after 2 years. The couple, who came together at a donation night with their daughter Stormi last June, officially announced that they gave their relationship another chance and that they were together again, making their fans happy.


Kylie Jenner officially announced with a short video she shared on Instagram that their second baby will be born and tagged Travis Scot, and made her fans happy. The video begins with Kylie waking up Travis Scott with her pregnancy test. Travis, who is read that she is the happiest person in the world at that moment, hugs her lover and baby. The video continues with the letter that the couple gave to their first child, Stormi’s grandmother, Kris Jenner. In the letter, Kris, who saw the ultrasound images of her grandson, states her happiness by saying ‘this is the best day of my life. We also observe how happy Stormi, the couple’s first child, is to have another baby in the family.

Two Successful Parents Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner

Jacques, known by his stage name Travis Scott, was born on April 30, 1992, in Houston, Texas, USA. With the album ‘Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho’ he made with Quavo, one of the founding partners of Migos group, he shook the world of rap and met the summit. Then, with his solo album ‘ASTROWORLD’ in 2018, he took first place on the Billboard 200 chart. in the same way, ‘Sicko Mode’, one of the singles of the album, achieved incredible success and took first place on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

Kylie Jenner, who started her modeling career at a young age, first appeared with her sister Kendall under the title of ‘Beautiful People’ in Paper Magazine. Switching to the design part of the business with her modeling career, Kylie created the ‘Kendall & Kylie’ clothing collection with her sister Kendall. Bringing her Modeling and Designer jobs together, Kylie has appeared in music videos of Jaden Smith, Drake, and Tyga. Kylie, who started her own business after the designs she made with her sister Kendall, achieved her real success with ‘Kylie Cosmetics’, of which she was the founder. Having achieved outstanding success with the Cosmetics brand she founded, Kylie became the youngest billionaire in the world in 2019 with a fortune of 1 Billion Dollars on the list announced by Forbes Magazine.

Why Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner broke up in 2019

Although the couple denied this news after the allegations of cheating on social media and in the tabloids in 2019, they announced that they had ended their relationship shortly after. It was alleged that Travis Scott cheated on Kylie Jenner with a young Instagram model named Rojean Kar. After Travis Scott announced their separation, he responded to the allegations of infidelity in the magazine on social media. In his statement, Scott stated how sad it was for a person to see untrue claims about himself. It is revealed with the news of the new baby that we come across that there is no big problem that they cannot solve, even if the truth behind the separation of the couple is preserved.

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