Tyler The Creator Is Thinking Of Changing His Stage Name

He’s been using the stage name Tyler The Creator since he was 13 years old, but he wants to re-choose a new nickname soon. During an interview with Fast Company, the Call Me If You Get Lost rapper also revealed the origin of his name;

“My stage name was from, I made a MySpace page when I was 13,” he said. “I had three of them, one was regular for friends, another one was for something else, and then the third one was just ideas. I would put drawings and photos I would take, and like, my beats, I would upload ’em on there.”

After gaining recognition, Creator decided to keep Tyler as his stage name.

“It’s really stupid, but it stuck with me, so it works,” he added.

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Tyler’s days could be numbered Tyler The Creator’s considering using his real name Tyle Okanma, for future projects.

“But my full name, Tyler Okonma, in all caps just looks really cool,” he said. “So you might see more of that, I don’t know, I’m getting older and I think when people get older, they start to realize shit and liking things they didn’t like. You just start changing, so I think my version of that is looking at my name and saying, ‘Oh, this is actually cool.”

At first he felt that he was not connected to the name of the government and added;

“I always thought my last name was weird, but whatever,” he said.

“I started messing around with it more around 2016 and then I started putting it on my album covers.”

His birth name had been revealed more recently, including on the cover of his 2019 album IGOR. “I’m really f***  with that name now. It looks really great on all covers,” he said.

Tyler paid tribute to Virgil Abloh, explaining that he inspired his  to adopt the surname of the latest fashion designer.

“Few years back I started using more of my African last name OKONMA because of how regal Virgil’s felt,” he wrote. “Everything he did felt like he said ‘hey over here, coast is clear’ whenever I questioned things.”


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