Tyler The Creator Shares His 5 Favorite Jay-Z Songs

Tyler The Creator is revealing his top 5 JAY-Z songs.

In honor of the hip-hop icon’s birthday on Saturday, December 4,Carl Chery told fans on Twitter last Saturday “without thinking too much” that the top five Jay-Z of all time He made a call for them to share his song. He hit “D’Evils” at #1 before releasing them in no particular order.Followed by “Dead Presidents,” “Where I’m From,” “A Million And One Questions (Premiere Remix),” and “U Don’t Know”.

Tyler, who collaborated with JAY-Z on Frank Ocean’s 2017’s single “Biking,” also celebrated Hov’s verse on “Do It Again (Put Ya Hands Up)” off Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter, which he called “crazy, insane.”

Later, Carl caught up with Tyler, with whom he posted similar pieces.

Jigga’s 2006 “Grammy Family” freestyle for Funkmaster Flex even scored a spot in Tyler’s top 5, while “Show You How” off The Blueprint 2 earned an honorable mention. “That last verse on ‘Show You How’ put a lot into perspective for me as a kid,” he said.

Meanwhile, fresh from his 2 Grammy nominations, Tyler released his critically acclaimed album “Call me If You Get Lost” in February. will start his tour.

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Check out the video below.

Tyler said;

Hov’s song “Do It Again” from Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter was “crazy” and “insane,” and then ended up naming his sixth favorite song, “Show You How.” “That last verse on ‘Show You How’ put a lot in perspective for me as a kid but that’s six so I’m done.”

Chery said his No. 1 Jay-Z song is “D’Evils” from Reasonable Doubt, and said his remaining four are “Dead Presidents,” “Where I’m From,” “A Million and One Questions (Premiere Remix),” “U Don’t Know.”


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