Video Shows Lil Baby ’s Security Guard Shoving Fan Off Stage During Rapper’s Performance

While Lil Baby was performing at a festival in Switzerland earlier this week, a man was aggressively pushed off the stage by a security guard, the cause of which is unknown.

Footage taken by someone attending the Open Air Frauenfeld Festival shows someone jumping on stage on Thursday’s set of Lil Baby, and before the person can put a finger on the rapper, a security guard comes running to the frame he sees pushing the fan off the stage, hitting him at a nearby barricade. TMZ reported that the security guard was hired by Lil Baby.

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The incident occurred one day after Roddy Ricch got into a confrontation with a concertgoer for jumping onstage during his performance at the same festival. As the fan was pinned to the ground by security, the Compton native appeared to repeatedly kick the individual for trying to grab his leg.

This past week has been a bizarre time for rappers encountering overzealous fans while performing overseas. In addition to the altercations involving Roddy and Lil Baby, Cardi B had a situation of her own at the Wireless Festival in London when someone seemed to try and grab the mic from her and refused to let go.

A slowed down video of the incident dispelled initial reports suggesting Cardi swung on her fans.

Lil Baby

Lil Baby and Chris Brown Collaboration

Lil Baby and Chris Brown got one.

Before they hit the road together this summer, Baby is giving fans a sneak peek at their new collaboration. On Instagram Stories, he shared a clip of the untitled track, which finds them catering to the ladies.

“She pretty wit it, got a few problems, but it’s alright ’cause she been dealing with ’em,” raps Baby, while Breezy adds his seductive touch.

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