Wack 100 Criticism to Bobby Shmurda and 22Gz Defends Him

Bobby Shmurda has been trying to live in the moment since his release from prison and looks to enjoy every moment of his freedom.

When the notable dissident Wack 100 took a short pause while watching Master P on mobile, he immediately formed a relationship with Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda and called out to Shmurda. These words prompted Brooklyn rapper 22Gz to intervene and defend Bobby Shmurda.

22Gz wrote on Twitter. ” 22gz wrote on Twitter Wednesday (January 19). He continued, “How you not street cause you dance? So just because a n-gga dance he not a shooter?”

The Wack 100 belittled Bobby Shmurda for seeing his shortcomings in producing new music.

He has released several singles since February 2021, including “No Time for Sleep (Freestyle),” “Cartier Lens”, “Splash” and “Shmoney” featuring Bobby, Quavo and Rowdy Rebel.

“Y’all be seeing these artists like Bobby Shmurda, he’s been having it bad,” Wack said. “He be like, ‘Yo, to all my fans, it ain’t me, it’s the label and all that shit’ … I’ma be real, I don’t know what kinda fans he got. He really ain’t proven product; he only had one song.

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“And I think he fucked up by what he should’ve dropped. When that n-gga got out, he was supposed to let something go! I don’t know what he was thinking running ’round like… he was supposed to drop before [NBA] All-Star Weekend or something.”

Bobby Shmurda Confident

Bobby Shmurda, of course, did not leave these words unanswered. Hours after Wack’s comments, the Brooklyn rapper tweeted. He said that no one had the right to judge the way he lived his life, given where he had spent the last six years. He then deleted his tweet.

“Y’all do know that no matter what ANYONE says imma live MY LIFE the way I WANT #shmurda,” he tweeted.

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