Watch Coi Leray And Nicki Minaj’ s ‘BLICK BLICK’ Video

Coi And Nicki Minaj Collaboration   video dropped!

Coi Leray and Nicki Minaj, fresh from the release of their collaborationBlick Blick“, appeared in the clip. In the colourful clip, the 24-year-old rapper shows off her choreographed moves as she shakes off 90s-inspired harmonies.

The Queen arrives with a audible look to spit out the “verse of the year.” Later, Barbie and Trendsetter break their paintball guns and wear matching pink wigs as they shoot at their opponents.

During a Twitter Q&A with fans, Coi excitedly explained what it was like to shoot the video with the rap queen.

“She’s early. She was on set for 12 hours and shot a scene with me in the cold,” she said. “She had a family in her trailer. And in front of the camera. She’s a fu**ing natural 😤😤🔥🔥🔥 in real life who really is that bitch.

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Nicki Minaj

Nicki revealed that she received six different feature requests, but Coi won her over with her flow. “Did Coi body that or did Coi body that? I was in love with her verse the second I heard it. No way I wasn’t stealing her outro flow,” she told fans.

Blick Blick” is set to appear on Coi’s upcoming debut album Trendsetter, which arrives April 8.

Nicki Minaj Shares Adorable New Videos Of Papa Bear

Papa Bear is once again stealing the spotlight. As we know, Nicki Minaj doesn’t often share her son on social media, but gave fans a rare glimpse into life at home with her one-and-a-half-year-old baby boy.

“Incoming… new papa content 🐻,” Nicki tweeted Tuesday before uploading three adorable videos.

In one sweet clip, Nicki is seen playing peek-a-boo with her son, who turns 2 in September. Papa hides his face with a blanket while sitting in his Fendi stroller.

“Is that Papa? I see you!” she tells her son, who laughs when his mom uncovers his face.

“Every day papa 🐻 makes me call him so he can ignore me & look @ me from the corner of his eye,” Nicki wrote. “Just so I can keep saying ‘I see you’ and he can pull the covers or curtains over his face & hide from me. 🙈🤫👀 at first I used to rlly think he was just zoning out & not hearing me & I got a lil worried. But no it’s just him thinking he a lil comedian or smthn. Lol this boy. Mama loves you so much Papa.”

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