Watch the First Teaser Trailer for ‘Dear Mama’ Docuseries About 2Pac and His Mother

In celebration of Mother’s Day, FX released a brief teaser for the upcoming docuseries Dear Mama, centered around the late 2Pac and his mother, Afeni Shakur.

The teaser for the five-part docuseries, named after 2Pac’s 1995 hit song, doesn’t show much aside from a voiceover from Afeni describing a lesson she taught her son when he was younger. “It was my responsibility to teach 2Pac how to survive his reality,” Shakur says in the clip. “So, 2Pac do something wrong, take your little sorry self in that corner, get the New York Times and let’s have a debate about it. Not a discussion, a debate. Let me hear what your idea is, stand up, defend it.”

FX describes Dear Mama in the press release as “told through the eyes of the people who know them best.” Previous directorial credits include the HBO documentary series The Defiant Ones, as well as a partnership between Allen Hughes, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, as well as films such as The Book of Eli and Menace II Society, which were co-directed with his brother Albert.

2Pax was shot dead in Las Vegas in 1996. After his death, Afeni became the enforcer of his estate and founded the now-shuttered Tupac Amaru Shakur Arts Center in Georgia in his honor. “Art can save children, no matter what’s going on in their homes,” he said, according to CNN. “I wasn’t available to do the right things for my son. Without art, my child would be lost.”

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Afeni died in 2016 after deputies were called to her California home amid reports of a “possible cardiac arrest.” She was 69 years old.


2Pac’s Childhood Poetry Book Expected to Go for Up to $300,000 at Auction

Sotheby’s has announced it is auctioning off an unpublished poetry booklet written and illustrated by a young 2Pac.

According to the auction house, the late rapper created the book at the age of 11, making it the oldest piece of writing on record. The auction house says 2Pac gifted the book to four detained Black Panther members, including his godfather Jamal Joseph, who was convicted in 1981 for his role in the deadly robbery of Brink’s armored vehicle.

The booklet apparently consists of haikus, who is interested in the subjects pac will later explore in his music. It also includes a self-portrait in which Pac imagines the Black Panthers coming out while he sleeps with a pen in his hand. He signed “Tupac Shakur 2pac, The Freedom Fighter of the Future.”

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