Westside Gunn Supports Marilyn Manson Against Sexual Accusations

Westside Gunn Supports Marilyn Manson Against Sexual Accusations

Westside Gunn, the brother of the Conway The Machine, has sent his support for the legendary rocker Marilyn Manson against his sexual accusations.

As some of you know, Marilyn Manson has been accusing of four cases of sexual assault. The rumors were raised when the musician/actress Evan Rachel Wood previously accused Marilyn Manson of grooming and abusing her. Although the rocker denied the accusations, Manson was kicked by his label, his agent, and his manager.

Recently, the rapper was alongside Marilyn Manson with Kanye West, who welcomed Manson at his new album Donda‘s listening party. With his Wednesday (September 1) social media post, Westside Gunn showed off his support for the shock rocker and sen a pose with him that was taken during Kanye‘s Donda listening party last week.

In the social media post, the Griselda rapper was posing alongside Marilyn Manson. He was doing a rap hand sign while Manson posing just looking directly at the camera.

“Matter of fakt y’all show me where he was convicted I’ll take it down,” the rapper captioned on the post. “Until then stfu… I been to prison before u can’t say somebody a snitch without paperwork, yall can’t convict anybody off allegations…”

After that, the rapper compared Marilyn Manson to legendary names that previously faced sexual assault allegations, Mike Tyson, Kobe Bryant, and Tupac.

“Y’all didn’t stop watching Tyson fights and I love Tyson,” he said. “Y’all didn’t say that about Kobe legacy and I love Kobe, y’all don’t say that about 2pac y’all say he the greatest so get tf outta here, y’all was just saying don’t wear Gucci last year and now y’all lined down the block for them belts. in other words I FORGIVE U #HWH8 in stores now.

Westside Gunn supports Marilyn Manson

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