Who Will Replace Travis Scott at Coachella 2022?

Travis Scott has been removed from the Coachella 2022 roster, as we’ve already informed you. The name for the roster has not yet been announced. However, rumors are swirling about the names Billie Eilish, Sweden House Mafia and Harry Styles.

Travis Scott, who was removed from the Coachella 2022 squad in December after the Astroworld tragedy, wanted to be reinstated in the festival’s staff, but it seems that he failed. There are a number of rumors circulating about his replacement, including Billie Eilish, Sweden House Mafia, and Harry Styles.

Travis Scott
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There is no official statement yet. Festival organizers have left things a bit suspenseful. This may be done to keep the excitement alive and to attract the attention of the fans more. Maybe they are undecided about the name themselves. We cannot know this.

According to some rumors, the possibility of the festival adding not one but two backup singers to the cast was also in mind. According to TMZ, the Grammy-winning singer will be performing at the music festival, which will be held over two consecutive weekends starting April 15.

At the same time, the music group Swedish House Mafia became one of the favorites when their photos were shared by Coachella.

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There are many rumors about names. The festival, which could not be held in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, is not yet in question that it will be canceled in 2022. But all this “Who will replace Travis Scott?” It is a fact that among the rumors there is the possibility of canceling the festival.

Frank Ocean, who was in the canceled 2020 roster, will be in the 2023 roster. However, Travis Scott, who is a member of the 2020 roster, will not be at the next Coachella festival after the petition on change.org. Of course, if the festival is not canceled again, we will have witnessed all this.

After organizing the petition on change.org, the festival organizers AEG, Paul Tollet and Goldenvoice could not remain indifferent to this attitude of the fans, who said that they reacted because of Travis Scott’s neglect of security, his attitude during the concert and his indifference to human life.

Festival Organizers Couldn’t Resist Pressure to Replace Travis Scott

“Out of respect for everyone affected by the tragic events at Astroworld, Dior has decided to postpone indefinitely the launch of products from the Cactus Jack collaboration originally intended to be included in its summer 2022 collection,” the company said in a statement to WWD last month.

For the Coachella festival, which has not been canceled yet, participants do not have to be vaccinated. They will be able to attend the festival with a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours.

The following is written on the festival website: “After seeing first-hand the low transmission data and successful implementation of safety protocols at our festivals recently … we feel confident that we can safely update our policy for Coachella.”

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