Why Machine Gun Kelly Smashed A Glass On His Face?

Machine Gun Kelly explained why he was hit on the head with a Champagne flute after an after-party in New York.

After his concert at Madison Square Garden, the musician and his friends went to Catch Steakhouse for the after party. In the shared video, Kelly appears to be speaking to the crowd and banging the glass on his head.

The famous star was on the show “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. The cut on his right eyebrow had cleared, but it was still noticeable.

“You know when you clink a Champagne glass with a fork to kind of get people’s attention? Yeah, well, I didn’t have a fork, so I just clinked it on my head,” he said.

The singer admitted that he felt like “s###” and was seen winking when he accidentally touched the cut while speaking. “Ow, f###, sorry, I keep forgetting I have this, but I’m a hand talker.”

When Will Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox Get Married?

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox shut down rumors that they were secretly married.

“I think when I speak about terminology — it never felt like my girlfriend,” MGK told, “Entertainment Tonight” Monday. “It feels too adolescent for the depth of our relationship.”

“No, [we aren’t married]. We don’t know what’s happening,” the actress, 36, told “ET.”

“He’s on tour this year,” she continued. “When it needs to happen, the universe will open up and give us the space to do that.”

Everyone talked about their marriage when Kelly called Fox his “wife” at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards in May and referred to an “unborn child”. She also talked about Megan’s pregnancy rumors, she.

The process of planning the wedding of the couple may have started. However, they still do not give any explanation on the subject.

“Supposedly, [Kelly is a] bridezilla more than [Fox] is because she’s been through it before,” Tim Sutton told Us Weekly.

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