Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Live Nation Filed on Behalf of Drakeo the Ruler’s 5-Year-Old Son

Tianna Purtue, the mother of King Drakeo s five-year-old son, filed an unjustified death lawsuit against Live Nation on behalf of the minor, Pitchfork reported. The lawsuit comes less than a week after the late rappers family announced plans for a similar lawsuit against the promoter.

The lawsuit alleges that Live Nation wasFully knowledgeable about the potential dangers to both its guests and the artists they hired based on numerous past incidents of violence and deaths at hip hop events. ”

Drakeo Once Upon a Time Killed at Los Angeles Concert

Drakeo was stabbed backstage during a Once Upon a Time festival concert at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles. He was taken to a local hospital and later pronounced dead. His mother, Darrylene Corniel, spoke to Rolling Stone about her sons death and said Drakeo and his brother, Plug Ralfy, wereswampedby40 to 60 peoplearound the time YG arrived. “It all happened so fast,” he said. “They started jumping on them. ” No one could save him.

The lawsuit alleges thatthere is no evidence that the YG had anything to do with the incidents,” but says organizersshould have knowndrakeosvery public feudwith gang members. Although the lawsuit alleges drakeo wasnot a member of any gang and was not a member at all,” he wasrepeatedly challenged by various gangs for refusing tochoosehis side. ” The late rapper was also receiving pushback from Bloods members who werelooking forstreet justiceafter being cleared of murdering someone associated with the band.

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Drakeo Getty

Drakeo’s killers wore masks to hide

The lawsuit alleges drakeos death was gang-related after he was allegedly attacked by a groupdressed entirely in red and wearing ski masksat the height of the altercation.

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