Yaya Mayweather’s Ex-Friend Calls Her Out, Says She Dissed NBA YoungBoy For Having “Dents In His Forehead”

Yaya allegedly said she wasdepressedby Gervonta Davis and that the NBA YoungBoy hadtoo many kidsand “bruises on her forehead. ” One of Yaya Mayweathers old friends calls him after their disagreement and starts talking. His friend Blu shared direct messages between them before continuing to choose violence. Blu called Yaya astrong muscular-necked assand shared some of her private secrets, claiming yaya had little to say about her baby father, YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Before going to YoungBoy, Blu said boxer Gervonta Davis was depressed after impregnating another woman a few years ago. After falling in love with Davis, Blue said Yaya went after YoungBoy.

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Nba YoungBoy

Nba YoungBoy

“And you went f*cked YB! After tellin me don’t fw him he ain’t right, he got too many kids, his dents in his forehead,” she wrote in a text.

Blu’s attack on Yaya went on for a few more posts before Yaya responded, taking the high road.

“It’s 2022 and it’s getting ready to be my son’s 1st birthday,” she said. “I’m not letting lies and negativity get to me. God bless!”

You can definitely see the growth in Yaya’s reply. A while ago, she definitely would have gotten a little angrier.

Read through Blu and Yaya’s beef below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Nba YoungBoy

Nba YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy Drops “Fish Scale” Single, Announces New Mixtape

The single also comes with a music video, and in the statement, YoungBoy shared that a new tape is on its way earlier than it was released. Weve heard about this before, and the new album is on its way! Nba YoungBoy, which is very eager and determined to release new music, is starting the new year with a big announcement.

The rapper spent his days under house arrest in Utah, but YoungBoy is making the most of his time on lockdown and doesnt upset fans, not only recently reconnecting with his fan base on social media apps like Clubhouse, but YoungBoy reveals its different sides as it explores its new affinity for goth-style make-up.

You can listen to the new song by clicking on the Video Link from the Bottom

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