Young Buck Says 50 Cent Forced Him Into Bankruptcy

Young Buck claims 50 Cent forced him into bankruptcy.

Former G-Unit member, During the “It’s Tricky With Raquel Harper” podcast (via TMZ), he talked about his troubled relationship with 50. According to Buck, he had to take drastic measures, including bankruptcy, because 50 people tried to stop his bag.

“I make my money with music, so of course doing that stopped my income all over the board,” Buck said. “I had no choice but to go this way.”

Buck said 50 cent him a cease-and-desist letter to prevent him from releasing and disseminating music. As a result, he filed for bankruptcy to pay off his debts, including the 50 money claims he still owes.

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Buck said the 50 even prevented him from working on his latest album for G-Unit, which would fulfill his contractual obligations. He says he can’t release music or make money without a bankruptcy application.

“When you stopped me from making money, I filed for another bankruptcy,” Buck said. “And [the court] prevented him from stopping or giving up anything.”

Young Buck

Buck Is Very Angry

The beef dates back to 2008, after 50 claimed Buck was unfaithful to the G-Unit and kicked him out of the group. They reconciled in 2014, but their feud has reignited on social media in recent years.

Despite the drama, He hopes to get some “clarity” and solve his problems once and for all. He said, “We can probably make things right by having a real conversation with each other.”

Young Disses 50 Cent

Former G-Unit Records artist Young, was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee for allegedly damaging his ex-girlfriend’s car and made some statements about 50 Cent.

On Thursday, February 3, Fiddy shared a photo of Buck. “He, -Unit Bi sexual Unit. Leave that girl alone, she didn’t know he had all this shit going on none of us did And He best be coming up wit my money.”

In retaliation, Buck released a piece titled “It’s Nothing”, possibly referring to his latest legal challenge, with lyrics targeting 50 Cent. The track arrived on Friday, February 4th and told 50 Cent, “Ima keep it a buck, you just 50 Cent.” said.

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