Young Dolph Murder Suspect Announced; Cops Begin Search for Local Rapper “May Have Exposed Himself”

Police in Memphis are searching for a local rapper they believe is a suspect in Young Dolph s murder. Memphis Police have released a suspect in the shocking november 2021 killing of rap star Young Dolph.

On November 17, two men pulled up in a white Mercedes-Benz to a local bakery called Makedas Homemade Cookies. The men jumped out of the vehicle and shot Young Dolph while shopping inside the bakery.

The gunmen were armed with a pistol and assault rifle. Dolph was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene. Police are searching for a 23-year-old rapper named Justin Johnson.

Johnson, aka StraightDropp, was already wanted for first-degree murder. Johnson is also wanted for attempted first-degree murder. The police put him on the Most Wanted List.

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Young Dolph
Images: JordanThrilla

Abandoned White Mercedes-Benz

Memphis police found an abandoned white Mercedes-Benz outside a local residence in the Orange Mound section of the city they believe is linked to the Young Dolph murder. Johnson, aka Straight Dropp, faced charges of involvement in the murder just weeks after the shooting.

Paper Route Empire chain stolen from Young Dolphs artist Big Moochie Grape

Johnson was allegedly one of two rappers who allegedly stole a Paper Route Empire chain from Young Dolphs artist Big Moochie Grape. Johnson is seen sporting the chain in his latest video for his songStepped Up. ” Young Dolph fans flooded Johnsons Instagram account with messages, formally pleading for him to surrender.

See Photos and Video below.

Young Dolph

Young Dolph

He uses the name Jojo Splatt, another local rapper involved in the shooting but never charged with a crime. Many of Young Dolphs fans believe JoJo Splatt is connected to the crime.
Reports noted his height, weight and unique posture, while others claimed to have ratted his out in several Instagram posts.

JoJo Splatt has denied involvement in Young Dolphs murder, but fans ofFlippathink otherwise, especially since JoJo Splatt wore a PRE chain.

Young Dolph

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