Young Dolph Murder Suspect Attacked In Jail

Man accused of killing Young Dolph attacked behind bars Justin Johnson, who faces first-degree murder in the Memphis rapper’s death, was attacked by another inmate at the Shelby County Jail in Tennessee on Friday, March 18, his attorney told TMZ.

While Johnson was making a phone call in the prison’s visiting area, an inmate came in and punched him. All of a sudden, Johnson collapsed, but there were no injuries.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Friday that an incident involving Johnson and a fellow inmate took place. The investigation into the incident is ongoing. No injuries were reported.

An autopsy earlier this month revealed that Dolph was shot 22 times during the deadly ambush on November 17, 2021.

He’s been in prison since January 11th

Rapper Johnson, who uses the name Straight Drop, was taken into custody after a manslaughter charge in Indiana on January 11. At the same Tennessee home, police made a music video in which they found a white Mercedes believed to be the getaway car used in Dolph’s murder.

Johnson and Smith have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder and other felony charges.

The other two men, Devin Burns and Joshua Taylor, have been named as suspects in the deadly shooting.

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Young Dolph

Young Dolph Murder Suspects Given a Week to Hire Lawyers

The men accused of murdering young Young Dolph have been given a week to find legal representation.
Judge Lee Coffee ordered Cornelius Smith32and Justin Johnson23to hire attorneys for . m 9 percent until February 4, FOX13 Memphis reportedOr theyll be appointed public defendersAt their first hearing earlier this monththe murder suspects rejected a court-appointed lawyerinsisting they were in the process of finding a lawyer for the case.

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