Young Thug Fans Force Fulton County D.A.

The YSL RICO lawsuit has been a huge one for Young Thug and Gunna. It has become the huge criminal investigation for the entire hip hop community.

Fulton County D.A., which is handling the case, allegedly received death threats from those opposed to the charge.

Fulton Co. District Attorney Fani Willis has been the target of some dangerous threats from Young Slime Life fans.

Due to his work on gangs in Fulton County, Willis will increase his security details.

“Oh, it is definitely a significant driver of the heightened security,” Willis said. “People are angry about that investigation. People are angry about investigations into games, so each of those things plays a factor.”

Sheriff Patrick Labat has announced that his life and that of his wife were targeted.

According to allhiphop,  at the end of May, a man named Quantavius ​​Mender was arrested after Young Thug and other YSL members said he would kill Sheriff Labat and his wife if they were not released.

Prosecutors Say Young Thug Rapped About Shooting: YFN’S Mother

Young Thug ‘s lyrics are at the heart of the RICO case.

During a bond hearing this week, prosecutors brought up lyrics from the rapper’s 2021 collaboration with Juice WRLD, in which Thug rapped about shooting someone believed to be YFN Lucci’s mother.

“[Thug] got into a beef if you wanted with another rapper named Rayshawn Bennett, also known as YFN Lucci,” the prosecutor told the court.

“At one point, Lucci’s mother got shot and came out with the song ‘Bad Boy,’ when she says, ‘You’d better watch the way I breathe around you,’ let that breath be your last breath, my son/Smith & Wesson .45 has punched a hole in his heart, he better not play with me / The killers stay with me, I shot at his mother, now he doesn’t talk about me anymore.”

Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa Young Thug Deal!

Calvin Harris brings funk once again. Just in time for the summer, certified hitmaker, Dua Lipa and Young Thug with the 2017 album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. “Potion”, the first single of the upcoming sequel of 1, also reunited. With its synth-heavy groove, the undeniable bop writes the song of the summer all over the place.


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