Young Thug Says ‘BROKE’ Men Shouldn’t Be Able To Have Kids

Young Thug, it looks broken.

The YSL rapper shared his controversial views on men having children without the tools to support them on Instagram last week. According to Thug, there should be rules against reproduction unless you are financially eligible.

“God needs to make some rules, bruh, we need new rules,” he said, according to Complex. “We need a new vow, bruh. If you’re dead, you’re broken, if you’re a broken ass ni**a, you’re not going to go crazy.”

It’s unclear what inspired his rent, but Thug made it known that he had no sympathy. “You bring poor kids into this world and you do what you*** for robbery, killing and stealing because you have no career, nothing,” he continued. “Having kids, now your kids are growing up wanting shit, your kids are growing up looking at Thug and his game.”

Young Thug

Young Thug Hasn’t Backed Down from Continuing His Thoughts

According to Thug, the same goes for women who want to live generously despite their economic situation.

He said, “When you have nothing, when you’re not worth anything, when you don’t have a future, when your job has nothing to do with what you go to school for, you have to adapt to what a ni**a does for you.”

Thug added, “You can’t ask for the highest level of situations and you’re at the bottom of the barrel… The bitches broke a Birkin who wanted to be dead ass. Whoas, where are you going to put Birkin in Uber? Y’all anchors are trying to go from zero to step 10.”

In March, a suspect was arrested in connection with the murder of LaKevia Jackson, the mother of Thug’s 14-year-old son, Kyvion Jackson. The man allegedly shot and killed Jackson after a dispute at an Atlanta bowling alley.

Thug, which can be heard on Future’s new album I Never Loved You, also makes fun of new music. He recently shared a piece of art of what appears to be a new project.

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