Youtuber Apologies to NBA YoungBoy

This time, NBA YoungBoy made a mess, not with a song or live performance, but with Adin Ross, a twitch and youtube content producer, liking his girlfriend.

Publisher Adin Ross accused NBA YoungBoy of liking his girlfriend’s Instagram photo, while also mentioning this in a video where he called his girlfriend Pamibaby and asked him to explain that there was nothing between him and the artist.

NBA YoungBoy has no known Twitter account. However, an account dedicated to him shared footage of a music video about it. It was allegedly posted on Triller, a short-form video service, according to

YoungBoy Never Broke Again flatly denied broadcaster Adin Ross’ allegations in an episode of his latest song. “Say to that YouTuber or streamer whatever he is stop playing with me b**** cause man like that know the gunnas laying with me b****”

“I ain’t got no Instagram no social media I wasn’t talking to your b****”

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It seems clear and obvious that all these words are related to this girlfriend incident with publisher Adin Ross.

Adin Ross, on the other hand, immediately took to Twitter when he heard about the words in question and apologized to the artist. Adin Ross also apologized in an Instagram thread, confirming that he is 4KT, revealing that he is actually a supporter of NBA YoungBoy.

Did NBA YoungBoy Speak Those Words For Adin Ross?

Adin Ross, who apologized with a video he uploaded to Youtube, was mocked by all the fans who witnessed the event. There were even those who said about Adin Ross, who they thought was afraid of the rapper, that he checked under his bed before going to bed.

While some names say that the rapper’s words are not for Adin Ross, others seem quite determined about it.

We’ll see if YoungBoy Never Broke Again will consider a content producer this much from now on.

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